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Meister Counselling and Psychotherapy

How you feel is important, and we are here to listen without judgement and give you space to reflect and process your thoughts, behaviours, and emotions.

You are not alone.

Do you feel as if you're sinking or stuck, and all you want is to feel like yourself again?

Do you want to learn how to increase your self-esteem and get back to who you were?

You'd like to know your strengths and live in alignment with your values.

You want to be free from constant worries or low mood

Individual therapy might be what you're looking for.


Do you feel disconnected from your partner and are losing hope?
Do you want to know that your partner cares about you and that you have each other's back?

You'd like to stop having the same arguments over and over. You don't want to try to talk or "communicate" any longer because what you're doing isn't working. You're trapped.

It's not the fault of anyone. It takes two to tango, and the truth is that it's not one person's fault or the other; it's the pattern that the two of you fall into. Reach out and we'll work together to slow it down.

Couples therapy might be what you're looking for.

"Naming an emotion begins the process of regulating and reflecting on it. 

What we name we can tame; when we give meaning to something, we can tolerate it and even change its impact."

- #LoveSense, by Dr. Sue Johnson

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